winLAME is an Open Source project licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0. That means the source code of winLAME is freely available and always will be.

winLAME uses the SourceForge services to develop winLAME. Here's the project page: From there you can download binaries, create reviews, submit bug reports or browse the source code.

winLAME uses the Coverity Scan service to check for bugs and possible errors in order to improve the quality of winLAME. You can see current scan results on the winLAME Coverity Project Page. Here's the current scan status: Coverity Scan Status

winLAME uses Appveyor to build new versions of winLAME. Here's the Appveyor project page: Here's the current build status: Appveyor Build Status


Open Source projects welcome the contribution of others, and so does winLAME. Please check out the various ways you can help the winLAME project to get even better.

Write reviews

A good way to help winLAME is to get more users via good reviews of the software. You can write a positive review on the Sourceforge project homepage. If you have something that made you frown, or you discovered an error instead, consider submitting a ticket on winLAME's bug tracker.

You can also write a review on your personal blog or on professional news sites. You can use any of the texts or screenshots on the winLAME web site in order to improve your review or article. If you find outdated versions of winLAME on some website, you can try to contact the site owner. Finally, you could start discussing winLAME on internet forums, such as Hydrogenaudio.

Test winLAME and report bugs

You could test winLAME's many features and report bugs via the bug tracker in order to improve on the quality of winLAME.

Help translating winLAME

When you are a native speaker of another language, you can translate winLAME so that more people can use the native language to run winLAME. There is a text file that describes how to start translating winLAME: Translation-Guide.txt. Note that winLAME already has the following translations: English, German.

Help with logos and icons

winLAME uses a standard icon set (famfamfam silk icons) that is a bit outdated, since it was made for 16x16 size buttons. When you are a graphics designer and you want to get involved, you may work on designing new icons and logo for winLAME.

Help with coding winLAME

Contribute to the winLAME source code by fixing bugs you discover, implement new features that you always wished winLAME would have, or just check out the source code. There is a TODO list with possible things to work on: TODO.txt

winLAME is compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community, which is free, and it is easy to set up developing for winLAME. There is a text file that describes how to set up everything: Compiling.txt

Donate via Paypal

I develop winLAME in my spare time, and with no financial intentions. Neverless, when you are satisfied with winLAME, you can donate some money, if you want. Here's the link to donate: Donate for winLAME The money donated is used in the following way:

Contact me

If you feel the need to contact me personally, you can always write an email to me. For bugs I prefer the bug tracker, though. You can contact me via the email address: Contact E-Mail Address

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License