About winLAME

winLAME is an easy to use encoder for many audio formats, including MP3, Opus, Ogg Vorbis and more. winLAME uses the LAME mp3 encoder.

winLAME lets you read in audio tracks from CDs or encode audio files from your hard drive. The intuitive wizard-style user interface makes it easy to set up encoding settings. Multicore CPUs are used to parallelize encoding tasks.

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winLAME Latest news

2017-03-24 - winLAME 2017 beta 1 released

Today I released a new version of winLAME. The new version has an all new user interface that makes it possible to use your multicore CPU to encode several files in parallel, called "Modern UI". The previously used wizard UI that is used in winLAME 2010 is still available and is called "Classic UI" now.

The new release also contains the newest encoder and decoder libraries, as well as many bug fixes over the old versions. Please check the "About" dialog in winLAME for the actual encoder versions contained in winLAME.

For the full list of features supported by winLAME check out the Features page or look at the Screenshots from the current version. To download the new version, head over to the Download page.

Note that this software is in beta status and may still contain bugs. You're welcome to test out the application and report errors! I plan to do a "beta 2" version in the next weeks, or when there is the need to fix some very nasty bugs.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License